Saturday, February 18, 2006

Beauty Shop Dog

Friday was a cloudy, dreary day. I hated to leave Elvis home alone all day, so I took him to work with me. My client who is undergoing chemo had been wanting to see him and I knew that my other clients would also enjoy meeting him. We packed up his kennel, some toys and food and off we the world of hair.
Elvis loves everyone and greeted each person who walked in the door with equal enthusiasm.
One sweet lady who was visiting from Louisiana is in the beginning stages of Alzheimers. Her eyes lit up when she saw Elvis. He sat with her and her daughter in law while she was under the hair dryer.
Each person that came left with a smile on their face. Elvis just has that effect on people.

After work we stopped by a friends house. She has a male and female yorkie. I took Elvis in on his leash so he wouldn't run all over the place. Chip, the male yorkie immediately walked up to him and growled in his face. Elvis dropped to the floor in submission and yelped. Chip didn't hurt him, he just wanted to let him know who was the alpha male in that house! After that brief encounter Chip went on about his business and left Elvis alone. Live and learn, little puppy.

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