Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hey Bro, Wanna Play?

Princeton is a cool cat, man. He likes to play chase and run all over the furniture. I'm right behind him though, getting a few good licks in.

He's been eating a lot and getting bigger every day. Something tells me he's gonna be as big as I am one day. I better watch my back, 'cause he has some sharp claws. I can't let him know I'm skeered or he might try to take over. Remember, I AM THE KING in this house. No kitty cat is gonna rule me!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Don't Feel So Good

Mom got me up really early one morning last week and took me to the Dr. I didn't even feel sick, but she left me there, anyway. I must have taken a long nap 'cause I stayed all day. When she finally came and got me, I felt all groggy and my tummy hurt. I had stitches! Something was missing! She took me home, gave me a nice pain pill, put me to bed and told me I would feel better in a few days. It's been a week and I am back to my old self, well, minus a few 'parts'.

I'm still The King, though! AKA Killer Macho Puppy! So don't think I'm gonna wimp out just because they took my boys away. I can still kick A**, and don't you forget it, Princeton, you little kitty cat!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The New Kid

Mom brought this little furball home the other day. They named him Princeton, so I guess that means he'll be around for a long time. At least he's a boy! I've been trying to play with him but Mom says I'm being too rough. I go berserk every time I manage to get in the room with him. He stays in the bedroom with Sophie a lot 'cause they're afraid I might hurt him. Can you believe that? Just because I root him around with my nose and stand on top of him and lick him, they think I'm using 'unecessary roughness'. I'm just trying to toughen him up, the little squirt! Mom says one day when he's gets bigger he's gonna scratch my nose really bad. Then I'll leave him alone, she says.

OK people, I'm still The King around here...the Alpha male! And that kitty had better not forget it!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

This is SO Not Cool!

Hey, I'm NOT a freakin clown, people! The groomer put this goofy looking clown collar on me after she gave me a bath and clipped my nails. Mom finally rescued me from it, but only after she took my picture. I refused to pose, so she took her best shot while I was rolling around in the floor, trying to rip the thing off.

I know 'The King' wore some wild costumes, but I'm sure he wouldn't have been caught dead in a clown collar! Well, maybe if it was gold lame? No, I don't think so!

My New Peep

I thought I heard my Mom say she was going to get me a 'buddy'. I guess since Marty couldn't come live with us she decided I needed another human. Next thing I know there's this pretty girl living at our house. Am I a lucky dog or what? Eat your heart out guys!!