Monday, July 31, 2006


Scooter lives in Florida with the girls. He's a Jack Russell terrier. He really 'belongs' to their aunt and grandpa, but since they all live in one big house together, he gets to see them every day. I've never met him in person, but he looks like a friendly guy. I'm sure we would have a lot of fun together
Mom brought him this doggie bagel from the bagel shop. Mom said he sure enjoyed it, because he ate it really fast. He likes to eat, can't you tell? He gets lots of snacks, I guess.

Helping Mom Unpack

Well, Mom finally came home! I missed her a lot. The minute she unzipped her suitcase, I was in there rooting around.
I know she has fun with the girls, but I hope she stays home for a while!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm Pouting!

Mom's going on vacation to Florida and I can't go. The girls wanted me to come, but Mom's flying on a big airplane. She thought I would 'freak out' if I had to stay in my crate for two hours or more. ( I hate that thing!) She's probably right, but I sure wanted to see the girls. They wanted to see me too.
Oh well, I'll stay here with my other human and see what I can get into. I tore up a People magazine the other day. Mom forgot I could get on the coffee table now. She got kinda mad at me, 'cause it was the one with Taylor Hicks and a whole bunch of other cute guys in it. Well, at least I didn't tear up the cover with Taylor's face on it..... Besides, I'm her cute guy! Sigh.....She'll be gone a week....I'm gonna miss her.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Bath Time

Hey, I'm The King, Elvis (aka Killer Macho Doxie) I ain't no sissy metrosexual, so what am I doing in a garden tub full of foamy stuff? Oh, they're called bubbles? And I'm supposed to relax and enjoy this? Oh, I'll smell all clean and fresh when I'm done? So, what's wrong with smelling like dirt? Mom is trying to dry me off with a towel, but I want to run and shake, rattle & roll, man.
Can you believe she put that foamy stuff on my head? I licked some off my tasted kinda yucky. Thank, thank you very much, ma'am.
'I feel pretty, oh so pretty' ....yeah right! How about 'Don't be Cruel' ! I ain't nuthin' but a houn' dog, ya know!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

On the Hunt

Elvis has become quite the little hunter/stalker lately. Last week he came across a big toad frog on the back porch. Poor froggie tried to get away, but Mr. Bad A** pounced on him and had a death grip on the poor creature before I could stop him. I literally pried his jaws open and rescued the frog from certain death. Elvis was soooo mad at me for stopping the slaughter, but I knew if he chewed on Mr. Froggie he would be foaming at the mouth. The frog was still moving, so I picked him up and tossed him over the fence. I hope he made it!

Unfortunately, the earth worm Elvis encountered a few days later wasn't so lucky. After batting the worm about and stepping on it a few times, Elvis laid down and rolled over it with his little weenie body. I never dreamed he would try to eat the thing, but, eat it he did! I nearly lost my breakfast!

Elvis loves to "give Mommy sugar", but if he keeps eating and biting on live critters, he's gonna have to brush his teeth and gargle with Listerine before he comes near my mouth again!

He's acts just like a smelly, nasty little boy sometimes. Both of these episodes reminded me of my son when he was a little boy. When D was about 8 yrs old, he went out side and gathered up all the frogs he could find and brought them in the house, filled the bathtub with water, took off his clothes and got in the tub with them. There must have been two dozen toads swimming around with him. I wish I had taken a picture. Another time, after I had taken D's jeans out of the washer to put in the dryer, I noticed several dead worms in the washer tub. Something told me to check the jean pockets. Yep, there were more dead worms, all rolled up in little spirals. Oh well, at least they were clean and dead, and I discovered them before they went into the dryer. Talk about crispy critters!

D still loves critters and dogs and being out doors....

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of!